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Nov 23. 2012

Thank you to Dr. Narasiah and Dr. Doucet who gave excellent, educational lectures on intestinal parasites and TB. Look forward to TB part 2 in our next series. In the meantime, you can find the powerpoints in "Learning Resources".

Our last speaker of the series is coming up on Dec. 4 - Dr. Leblanc! See you there!
Oct 27. 2012

Our greatest thanks for Dr. Anguyo who came all the way from Uganda to share with medical students and residents yesterday evening! To learn more about KIHEFO, the organization which he founded, visit
Oct 25. 2012

Don't forget - Dr. Anguyo will be at Thomson House tomorrow evening to speak to medical students and residents on organizing a medical elective in Uganda!

Check our "Learning resources" section to see Dr. Gilmore's HIV lecture!
Oct 23. 2012

Thank you Dr. Gilmore for an inspiring HIV/AIDS talk!
For those of you who missed the lecture, we will upload the presentation soon.

This Friday, Oct. 26, we have a guest speaker from Uganda who will talk about setting up international medical electives! Don't miss it - check our Activities.
Oct 14. 2012

Successful Journal Club on October 11! Coming up: first Tropical Disease Lecture: HIV/AIDS!
Sep 5. 2012

Many interesting conferences coming up - check the Conferences section!
Aug 18. 2012

Check out our updated Readings section!
Aug 10. 2012

Thank you to everyone who attended our first meeting!

  • Aboriginal health
  • Addiction medicine
  • Child soldiers
  • Disaster medicine
  • Ethics
  • Essential medicines
  • Environmental health
  • Health care delivery
  • Humanitarianism
  • Immigrant health
  • Malnutrition
  • Maternal-Child health
  • Mental health
  • Refugee health
  • Sex workers' health
  • Trafficking
  • Tropical diseases
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